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Good news, your Pilates workout does not require much space at all.  Most exercises are completed on your Mat, so provided you can lie down and stand up on your mat, you are good to go!

Our workouts are suitable for Mammas who have engaged Pilates pre-pregnancy and are in their first trimester.

Prior to commencing your workout, be mindful of how your body feels on the day. Be aware of any personal parameters dictated by injury or ongoing health conditions, and also gain clearance from your GP before getting started. All workouts are programmed with the assumption that you don’t have pre-requisites, so self-modification is required.

Weight loss is reliant on both physical exercise and a healthy diet. You can expect to burn calories during a Pilates class, but not as many as you would through cardio-based training such as running or swimming.

Additionally, be mindful of the importance of consistency, if you love Pilates you will do it often, if you hate running you will dread tying up your running shoes. If your goal is weight loss, try to combine Pilates with a strength session and a cardio session each week.

100%!  If you have internet access, you can access TSC On Demand.  From the Hawaiian Tropics to the Mountains of the Himalayas, log in, select your workout, unroll your mat and press play.

The following workout blocks are included in your monthly subscription:

Core Control
The Major League
Baby got back…and biceps
Bend ‘N’ Stretch
My Miniature and Me

There will be new blocks added and regular live classes to join, classes will be archived.

The following speciality blocks are available at an additional $10 per block, per month (purchased as a bundle in the sign up section), or as a stand-alone $19.95 per block, per month:

Pilates Protégé (coming soon)
Pilates for Performance

We have kept things simple with four key workout blocks.

Core Control is our direct address to the abdominals.
The Major League looks after the muscles from the hip down.
Baby got back… and biceps is where you’ll find workouts for the upper body.
Bend ‘N’ Stretch is where you’ll find our mobility and stretch flows.

New workouts are added regularly, across the TSC On Demand portfolio. These will either be new workout block or archived love classes.

Beginning your Pilates journey with The Principles block (located within each workout category) is recommended.  After that, your pathway is flexible. Progressions and modifications are offered throughout so just see what takes your fancy!

You just did the hard part, you are here!  Take your time and build your fitness slowly.  If you can be consistent  and practice 3-4 times per week, you will transition from feeling ‘not very fit’ to 100% fitter in less than a month.

All you need is some space and a Pilates, Yoga or Gym Mat. Be mindful of the height and perimeter of your space, and ensure any trip dangers such as coffee tables, plants or small humans are outside of your designated workout area.

All payment details can be updated securely in your My Account Dashboard. Just hit the UPDATE PAYMENT button and you will be directed to the right spot.

If you want to cancel your subscription, just hit the ‘CANCEL” button and follow the prompts. Also check the T&C’s for full cancellation policy.

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